Welcome to Racetoytime, our family friendly website where you can watch fun videos, find out information about the toys in our videos, get updates about what’s coming, and also let us know what you think!

Many of you who are viewers of our Racetoytime YouTube channel have asked questions about where we get our toys. This website in many ways is a response to that question. We have purchased some of our toys at Walmart or Target stores. Sometimes we buy used toys at Goodwill stores or other thrift shops. Sometimes we buy from hobby or craft stores, as many of these stores carry the collectible animal and dinosaur toys we often use. There used to be a Toys R Us store in our neighborhood, but as you may know, the Toys R Us company has gone out of business and closed all their stores. Ultimately, we have found that ordering toys online is the simplest way for us to buy toys as it offers the best selection, good prices, and doesn’t require driving all over the place. The fact that online retailers deliver it to your house is also a big plus and saves a lot of time! This being the case, we primarily buy our toys online from Amazon, eBay, and from the individual toy manufacturers websites.

About 90% of the toys featured in our videos we buy from Amazon online so it made sense to us to join their Amazon Associates affiliate program. The toys in our “Shop Toys” area of this website are a part of this program. If you find a toy you like in the “Shop Toys” area of our website, just click on the Amazon link for that toy and it will redirect you to Amazon’s website where you may have the¬†opportunity to buy the toy if you choose. If you do choose to purchase a toy, we will receive a small percentage of the sale price (the price to you will be the same whether you buy through the affiliate program on from Amazon directly). This helps support our website and YouTube channel so we can keep providing our fans fun videos, etc. We appreciate your support, but feel free to use the information available in this website to buy the toys featured anywhere you choose. You may be able to find them for a better price elsewhere, but we have found that the prices on Amazon are usually pretty competitive.

Some toys featured in our videos may not be available through Amazon. Toys are like clothes, shoes, etc. Toy manufacturers put out new models regularly (usually annually), and the old models of toys are then often discontinued or updated. Some of the toys featured in our videos have been discontinued, so they may not be available on Amazon. In those instances, if you really want the exact toy you have seen in one of our videos, I would recommend eBay as they have a large used toy marketplace. Don’t be surprised if a discontinued toy is very expensive, however, as they are sometimes collectible and rare. In our “Shop Toys” area of the website we will feature toys or playsets that are similar to a discontinued toy that may be featured in one of our videos but that are still available on Amazon (and probably much less expensive). Either way, the information is there to use as you like.

We are located in the USA. Many of our fans are located in parts of the world where the toys featured in our videos may not be available. We hope you still enjoy the videos and they spark your imagination to encourage play in whatever way may be available to you, where ever you may be. Thanks to all of you for your support and continued support and encouragement!